February 24, 2019


U-Design, https://udesign.laiyaconsulting.com/, was developed by Laiya Consulting as a clinical trial biostatistics SaaS web platform. Users can utilize the tools and functions provided on U-Design to create their own customized clinical trial designs and perform trial related tasks at any time.

All mainstream dose-finding designs are available on U-Design, including original ones developed by Laiya. Since its launch, U-Design has attracted over 400 registered users from more than 40 companies and institutions all over the world.


Main features

  • No need for local software installation and accessible to PC/laptop as well as mobile devices
  • Automatic generation of the trial protocol statistical section that incorporates simulation results. All past simulation results are stored in the user account and can be viewed readily
  • High performance of simulations driven by optimized algorithms powered by AWS provisioned computing resources
  • Easy operations enabled by user-friendly and Intuitive interface designs

Existing Modules: ( In continuous update )

  • Dose-finding decision table (Includes i3+3, mTPI-2, mTPI, mCCD, 3+3)
  • MTD estimation (Based on PAVA algorithm)
  • Single agent cohort-based designs (Include i3+3, mTPI-2, mTPI, 3+3, mCCD, BLRM)
  • Single agent rolling-based designs (Include mTPI-2, 3+3, Rolling 6, R-TPI)
  • Single agent cohort-based designs (Include BLRM-2d, PIPE)
  • Auto generation of simulation results report and trial protocol statistical section