Hire Junior/Senior Statistician

  • Position: Junior / Senior Statistician (with focus on methodology development and application)
  • Education: PhD in statistics, biostatistics, mathematics, or equivalent, open for fresh PhD
  • Responsibilities:
    • Develop novel statistical methods (especially in the Bayesian adaptive designs) for real-world clinical trials.
    • Study existing statistical literature on clinical trial methodology and practical challenges in drug clinical trials.
    • Attend conferences and present research development
    • Communicate with operation biostatistical team and provide guidance on the implementation of new methodology
  • Requirements:
    • Solid training in statistical theory and strong independence in learning; experiences in statistical inference, modeling
    • Experience in Bayesian statistics and implementing Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulations
    • Proficient in R and/or C programming
    • Experiences in clinical trial and/or drug development
    • Ability to work well in teams.
    • Proficient in reading and writing in English
  • Location: China (not restricted, but preferred at Shanghai)
  • Salary and benefits: 300K-600K RMB/year, if the base is in China (If in USA, the salary is negotiable); Excellent benefits package;

We welcome you to join our highly energetic, world-class, and award-winning team of statisticians and computational scientists. We aim to expedite and improve the efficiency of drug development and thereby improve patient care. If interested, contact us via admin@laiyaconsulting.com

About Laiya

Laiya consulting Inc. (http://www.laiyaconsulting.com/) is a global leader in early-phase statistical designs for drug clinical trials. We focus on providing novel and intelligent solutions for global drug development. Our mission is to innovate in statistics and informatics technology to improve new drug development and increase the probability of success for drug development.

In the past 20 years, our team members have developed cutting-edge statistical methods and designs that have been widely used by pharma and biotech companies world-wide. Clinical trials applications based on these novel designs have been approved by US FDA review.

The Laiya team is energetic and creative. The company is founded by a tenured professor of biostatistics from The University of Chicago. The team members currently include PhDs from Fudan University, University of Wisconsin, and University of Texas. More than 100 papers authored by the team members have been published in top medical and statistical journals including JCO, Biometrics, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, etc. Our research has been nominated as the top 10 ideas in the Precision Clinical Trials competition hosted by The Harvard University. Our team members have been recently awarded the Mitchel Award (2017) by the International Society for Bayesian Analysis and the first place of student paper award in the Biopharmaceutical Section of the American Statistical Association for the Joint Statistical Meeting 2018. The team members have been invited to give numerous presentations in China, US, and international conferences.

Laiya team has developed the first SaaS platform for innovative statistical clinical trials designs. The platform, called U-Design, available at https://udesign.laiyaconsulting.com/ provides a one-stop solution for generating, comparing, and optimizing statistical designs for clinical trials. The U-Design has attracted users internationally and currently serves major pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly, Pfizer, BeiGene, Hengrui etc.

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